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  • Regional Director Application | NCFCR

    NCFCR Regional Director Application Upon submitting your application, the board will review your submission along with others, and determine whether or not criteria is met. If the board believes that the criteria is met, the board will invite you, along with other acceptable applicants, to have individual interviews conducted. Based on your application and performance in said interview, the board will then make a decision. Indicates Required Field * Full Name Email Phone University/Institution What is your current registered party affiliation? Republican Democrat Unaffiliated Other Do you have a reliable source of transportation for long distances? (If you must travel to a different school in your region) Yes No If you answered no to the previous question, elaborate as to what your transportation situation looks like. What does your involvement in Local/State/National Politics look like? Feel free to explain with specificity. What is your relationship with your local College Republicans, Young Republicans and/or County/District GOPs? What is it that you see yourself doing in the position of Regional Director; including, but not limited to the requirements outlined in the NCFCR Constitution? What is your vision for this role? What leadership positions have you held in the past, and what were some responsibilities you had to carry out in these roles? Tell us what else you believe we should know about you? (It can have seemingly nothing to do with politics) Submit We have received your application. Please be on the lookout for any contact via the sources given in this form.

  • Chapters | NCFCR

    Hayley Hill HPU - Chair Bryson Hyman CU - Member Cody Miller ASU - Member Reagan Bunch UNCW - Member Chapters List of chapters that make up our federation. Select a chapter to find out more information. Appalachian State University East Carolina University High Point University UNC Asheville Belmont Abbey Elon University Campbell University Gardner-Webb University North Carolina State University UNC Chapel Hill UNC Charlotte UNC Wilmington Wake Forest University Western Carolina University Methodist University

  • Leadership | North Carolina Federation of College Republicans

    Cody Miller Chairman Appalachian State University Youthan Love Executive Vice Chair Belmont Abbey College Zeke Jones Administrative Vice Chair Appalachian State University Taylor Nicol Treasurer Appalachian State University Mary Sosebee Secretary High Point University Katie Branch Chief of Staff Belmont Abbey College Cutler Bryant Communications Director Campbell University Bryson Byrnes Political Director Elon University Anthony Mendicino Deputy Communications Director Appalachian State University

  • Home | North Carolina Federation of College Republicans


  • Contact | North Carolina Federation of College Republicans

    Contact Us! First Name Last Name Email Subject Message Submit Thanks for submitting! Other ways to communicate Contact our chairman directly 513-828-9629 Let us know what we can do for you, so that we can better build our future, together.

  • Belmont Abbey College Republicans | NCFCR

    Club Chair Youthan Love Email Phone 704-860-0495 Social Media N/A

  • University of North Carolina Asheville College Republicans | NCFCR

    Club Chair Micah McKenzie Email Phone 704-614-5768 Social Media

  • Elon University College Republicans | NCFCR

    Club Chair Ryan Lockwood Email Phone N/A Social Media

  • High Point University College Republicans | NCFCR

    Club Chair Hayley Hill Email Phone 240-409-2737 Social Media

  • North Carolina State College Republicans | NCFCR

    Club Chair Alsey Hopkins Email Phone 704-813-8948 Social Media

  • East Carolina University College Republicans | NCFCR

    Club Chair Montgomery Coudriet Email Phone 910-612-5062 Social Media

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